Triad Dodge in Mocksville, North Carolina - Ruined engine didn't honor warranty

Not resolved

I took my 2006 Ram in for an oil change and the service department, in checking the air filter, failed to secure it back in place. The air filter was sucked into the turbo and engine. Triad Dodge replaced the turbo, but refused to replace the engine. They said the engine was so strong it could digest an air filter.

Excessive pressures built up in the engine to the point that the dip stick would blow out onto the motor.

Triad finally agreed to put in a new short block, which stopped most of the oil leaks, but not all. I returned to Triad time and again with oil leak problems, but was always told that it's normal for engines to leak oil. They finally agreed to take the truck in again and have a Dodge engineer come into fix it. I got a call from the service department that my truck was all fixed and I went to pick it up, but it was obvious it was still leaking oil and the service department had gouged my hood. Service took the truck back in and the mechanic acknowledged gouging my hood. After having my truck, literally over 30 days, Triad called to say that they would not fix my truck because the engineer felt there was a possibilty I may have flashed my computer to get better gas mileage and that voids a warranty.

I picked my truck up, poorly repaired gouged hood and all, and took it to Kernersville Dodge. They put dye in the oil and found a leaking oil pan gasket and a leaking cam seal. Both courtesy of Triad Dodge from when they put in the short block. I have found Triad Dodge's service department to be incompetent and what's even more troubling, dishonest

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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